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Why Choose First National Real Estate Yamba as your Property Manager?

As a property investor you have the choice of managing your investment properties yourself or delegating the day-to-day management to managing agents. Engaging a professional property manager is the preferred option for investors in today's more complex property market.

Choose your Property Manager wisely as this can make a great difference to the real return you achieve from your property. The number one objective of a property manager should be minimise vacancies and maximise property returns. Investors who think that hiring a property management professional is too expensive soon find out just how expensive hiring an amateur can be. You only need a few unnecessary weeks of vacancies each year before you can find yourself well behind. And, a poorly optimised property can leave you tens of thousands behind over the long-term.

The problem of inexperience is partly driven by investors who think it makes no difference who they have manage their rental property. Their choice of agency is therefore decided on the basis of who discounts their management fee the most. As a result, some business owners offset those discounted fees by employing inexperienced juniors to manage their landlords’ assets.

Agents in our area normally charge between 6% and 10% of the rental collected to manage the property. While we’re commercially competitive, we take the professionalism of our property managers very seriously. First National Real Estate Yamba commits its staff to ongoing training to stay ahead of legislative changes, and to better understand how they can add value to a landlord’s returns, preferring to compete on quality and results than the lowest fee.

9 Reasons to Consider the management services of First National Yamba

We’re experienced

We manage over millions of dollars worth of residential property, have over 30 years combined experience amongst us, we consistently achieve some of the lowest vacancy and rent arrears rates in Australia.

We’re fast

First National Real Estate is like a magnet for tenants. Our advanced customer database enables tenants to register for instant alerts. We broadcast news of your property’s vacancy within minutes, direct to tenants that match your asking price and description.

Timely Payments

Reliable rental payments are crucial. That’s why we offer a range of easy payment solutions for your tenant. We monitor tenant payments on a daily basis and are committed to a zero tolerance of arrears.

Tenant Selection

Integral to your success is our diligent assessment of applicants and expert negotiations on price. We carefully assess references and check real estate databases to ensure every tenant we recommend has been exhaustively checked.

Freedom of choice

Once all suitable applicants have been reviewed, we advise you of your alternatives and recommend a tenant. However, we allow you the freedom of choice to decide who will live in your property.

Regular Inspections

Our management service includes inspections of your property approximately every 16 weeks to confirm its condition and compliance with terms of tenancy. We report to you with colour photographs, recommendations for improvements that could help improve your rent and provide a comprehensive rent review.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance accreditation assures our management practices are of the highest professional standard. All staff follow systems and procedures that are regularly reviewed to assure familiarity.


Early response to maintenance requests is key to good tenant relations. Our qualified contractors and tradespeople enable us to expedite quotes for cost-effective maintenance. We use only reliable, competitive, licensed contractors, assuring peace of mind and a worry-free property investment experience.

Presenting Your Property

Presentation is crucial to finding a quality tenant.

There is no doubt that well presented properties achieves top rents and usually attract the better quality tenants. That adds up to a higher investment return, together with fewer and shorter vacancy periods.

Key areas which require attention are:

INTERIOR: If you are thinking about painting, only paint those areas that really need it otherwise it will be hard to find a place to finish. Use light, neutral colours as strong colours may not be to the tenant’s taste. If paint is generally in good condition, touch up the scuffs.

Get rid of odours that you may not notice but prospective tenants will, such as pet smells. Carpets, blinds and curtains to be cleaned, neither of which are very expensive. Clean all windows, sliding glass doors and tracks.Open the curtains and blinds to let the sun and the view inside. Nobody likes a dark house, and the view will make the rooms feel bigger (when space may be an issue)

EXTERIOR: Clean the windows, paths, gutters and outside paintwork. These are all thinks seen from the street, and you don’t want prospective tenants to dismiss the property before getting in the front door.

Repair or replace leaking taps, sticking doors, broken light fittings, loose door handles, rotten floorboards, leaky gutters and torn flyscreens.

GARDENS: Tend the gardens, mow the lawns and any rubbish. It is true that it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the gardens are maintained, however, we are looking to assist you with maximising your rent income; set the standard.

Promoting Your Property

Successful leasing is a ‘numbers game’. The more applications we can generate for your property, the more choice you have when selecting a suitable tenant.

In these technology friendly times, the old saying “you cant rent a secret” has never been more true. Our modern and dynamic marketing strategies at First National Burnie will effectively promote and advertise your property to a wide a suitable audience.

Promotion should include the following as a minimum:

●  Internet websites

●  VIP Priority Email / SMS marketing

●  Signboard (an oldie but a goodie)

●  Professional Photography / Floorplan

TIP: Professional Photos = Easy Money For You!

Now with the majority of rental properties advertised over the internet, listings with a bad photo or with only an exterior shot are immediately passed over and ignored.

People have not even left their computer and they have excluded your property.

The property has not even made it on to the shopping list!

Amateur quality photographs cost owners money.

Pictures speak a thousand words

When pictures speak a thousand words you want them all to speak positively. Photography has never been so critical to effectively marketing your home.

Photos for life

Professional photos stay with your property for life and can be used year after year every time the property becomes vacant. This leads to more interest, and in turn reduced vacancy rates.

We find YOU the Best Tenant NOT the First Tenant

We believe great tenants are our most important asset. Without A grade tenants who pay their rent on time and look after your property you don’t have an income and we don’t have a job! We want to select the best possible tenants in the marketplace for your property and then wow them with our service so we can retain them for as long as possible, providing you with great returns year after year.

Our detailed screening process aims to establish that Tenants can meet the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement. We apply maximum effort at this stage to ensure only the best possible applicants make it into our properties.

A prospective tenant must submit an application for pre-approval before they can inspect a property. Whilst not 100% foolproof, experience shows this is the best method to filter out the majority of unwanted tenants BEFORE they get into your property.

All applications are extensively checked, including:

●  100 point name and address checks

●  Living arrangements- Present and past

●  All references including rental, employment and personal are checked

●  Tenants must reach an income criteria check to ensure capability of paying rent

Tenant selection is in accordance with Laws covering Discrimination and Residential Tenancies and Privacy.

We keep you informed of Applications, so you can take part in the selection process.

National Tenancy Database & Credit Report Checks

The National Tenancy Database provides Property Managers with a rental history on tenants. This is a necessary tool as it provides landlords with added security that every possible check has been conducted. Agents can place records of tenant that have abandoned, damaged or have rent outstanding as well as recommended tenants. All of this is an added advantage because some tenants provide misleading information on their application forms (eg: landlord and property references). By conducting this check it can help eliminate this risk.

Credit Reports and History provides agents with the details of any bankruptcy, judgement or court order against the applicant. This information provides the landlord with a better image of the tenant’s financial position.

Executing the Tenancy Agreement

At the time of signing the Tenancy Agreement we educate and advise the Tenants of important aspects of the Tenancy Agreement and the Property itself. We take care of all the documentation, Rent payment methods and Bond lodgement to ensure all is in place for a trouble- free Tenancy.

The lease and special conditions are designed to safeguard your interest. We can include special conditions to suit your specific requirement within the limits allowed by the Residential Tenancies Act. It is our responsibility to ensure that you, the Landlord, are properly protected. You must also be aware that a tenancy can continue on a periodic basis and it is not mandatory for Tenant to sign a new lease.

Accurate and Thorough Condition Reports

A condition report establishes the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy. Before a Tenant moves in, your Portfolio Manager completes an inspection with a carefully detailed Condition Report. First National Real Estate Yamba completes this report electronically and includes digital photographs.

At the end of the Tenancy these documents help ensure your Property is in the same condition as at the start, fair wear and tear considered, and that the Tenant's Bond is disbursed appropriately after a thorough Vacate Inspection. If there are any problems or discrepancies at the end of the tenancy the condition report and photos are used to assist with any uncertainties or as evidence for the Tenancy Commissioner.

Programmed Inspections

Regular inspections are an important part of our property management. Each property has 3 scheduled routine inspections per year. The purpose of the inspections, are two-fold:

Firstly, to bring to your attention any immediate maintenance needs; and

Secondly, to inform you of any preventative maintenance or refurbishment that may be beneficial.

Owners can then forecast and budget accordingly, for any upgrading work suggested in the report.

When an inspection has been completed, you will receive a written report along with photos outlining the general condition of the property and any issues raised at the inspection.

First National Real Estate Yamba have qualified, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any maintenance work on your property and at the right price.

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs arise when an essential service ceases to function. An essential service includes; water, sewerage, electricity, cooking stove and oven, hot water service, removal of grey water and any heating that came with the property.

Legislation states that if the landlord/agent is unable to be contacted, or fails to organise the repairs within 24 hours of being notified a tenant may authorise the repairs to be done by a nominated repairer, or if there is no nominated repairer, a suitable repairer. A nominated repairer is a repairer who is nominated by the landlord/agent to carry out any repairs. A suitable repairer is a person who holds a licence (if necessary) to carry out the relevant repairs and is ordinarily employed to do so.

Repairs are only to be carried out to the extent that the essential service becomes functional again.

General Repairs

General repairs are repairs that are required to fix relatively minor damage. That is, they are not as serious as urgent or emergency repairs. A tenant is required to inform their landlord/agent of the need for any repairs in writing within 7 days of that need arising.  For tenant convenience, there is a Maintenance Request form available on our website.

If the general repair/maintenance issue is reported, you will be advised accordingly and we would wait for your further instructions. You are then required to carry out the repairs within 28 days. However, you are not required to repair problems that are the fault of the tenant or that existed before the beginning of the tenancy. We recommend to rectify any maintenance issues to protect your investment.


Do you know if you have the correct amount of cover for your House and Contents?

Does your policy provide for the minimum amounts for Legal and Public Liability for owning an investment property?

Do you have Landlord Insurance and does it cover everything you need?

Unfortunately, Insurance is one of those things that isn’t needed, until it’s critical. Don’t leave it until it’s too late – it’s true that sometimes bad things happen to good people, so it’s important that your risk is minimised. Having your property professionally managed reduces the risks to some degree. However the cover you need should extend beyond the normal building insurance policy, which does not cover things like wilful or accidential damage to your property, failure to pay rent, or claims made against you by a tenant.

Your rental property may be one of the largest investments of your lifetime. There are many different policies and products available, so get expert advice to ensure you have the right cover for you.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Landlords have very complex legal obligations to ensure smoke alarms in investment properties in New South Wales are maintained and you will require a maintenance and installation programs to ensure you’re covered.

Simply put… as the Landlord are responsible for the effective maintenance and working condition of smoke alarms in your property. Even if your Lease Agreement says otherwise, YOU are responsible.

Maintaining a smoke alarm is more than changing a battery or pushing a button.

Due to the increasing complexities and regulations relating to smoke alarms, First National Real Estate Yamba has called on Clarence Coast Smoke Alarms to complete our smoke alarm inspections and ensure your smoke alarm obligation are met and are compliant. The maintenance service ensures both your investment and your tenants are appropriately protected in the catastrophic event of fire at your investment property.

For further information, please download the Fact and Information sheet

Rental Property & Tenant Safety - Landlord's Risk

Landlords are in a difficult position regarding their exposure to personal injury claims from tenants for visitors to their property as they can be included in a claim or even held responsible even though they do not actively manage or visit the property. This is because you have a clear responsibility to ensure that the Tenant is provided with a safe property and free from issues that they should have reasonably been known about, irrespective of whether they personally inspected the property.

So you are not at risk, we recommend that all maintenance issues that arise are rectified in a timely manner or you may want to consider seeking an independent safety inspection of your property to identify possible hazards that could result in injury claims by tenants.  By doing this, you have the confidence of knowing that you are providing a safe and superior property for tenants and your property should achieve higher rent returns and be more sought after by tenants.

Your Rent In Your Account

Tenants are required to pay their rent via direct debit or over the counter.

We understand how important it can be to receive your rental income as quickly as possible and disburse rent payments to our Landlords in the middle of the month and/or on the last business day of every month. We electronically deposit your money into your nominated bank account once the funds have cleared. No waiting for a cheque to clear!

Our rental system produces detailed statements, which itemise any outgoings paid from the rental monies. At the end of each financial year, a year to date statement is emailed to you.

Regular Review of Rental

Our goal is to increase your income and ensure your investment is working for you! We ensure you enjoy the highest possible rent by annual rent reviews that take into account current market rents of similar properties, the areas vacancy rate, condition of the property, quality of tenant and length of tenancy.

Payment of Accounts

First National Real Estate Yamba have facilities which allow the council rates, water, land tax, invoices for repairs and insurance premiums to be paid directly from the rent. Your rental statement will be itemised so you can see when an account was paid and a copy of the invoice will also be attached to the relevant statement.

Security Deposit (Bond)

Once the most suitable tenant has been selected and approved by yourself, the tenant is required to pay a security deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rent.

This security deposit is lodged with the Rental Bond Board NSW and is not returned until the end of the tenancy after a thorough final inspection has been completed. If there is any damage to the property it will need to be rectified by the tenant. Should the tenant refuse to co-operate the matter will be referred to the Tenancy Commissioner for a judgment.

Strict Procedures for Late Payment of Rent

Rental arrears and how they are dealt with are always one of the biggest concerns for landlords.

First National Yamba have a ‘Zero Tolerance’ regarding rent arrears.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, a tenant is not in arrears until the rent is unpaid for 7 days, at which time it is possible to issue a Notice to Remedy Breach.

Most Agents will not address arrears until this time, when they are legally obliged to do so.  At First National Yamba, we operate more pro-actively to ensure rental arrears are kept to a minimum.  A daily search is conducted to find tenants who are 2 or more days behind in their rent, at which point we commence a sequence of daily correspondence reminding them to pay their rent.  This contact is continued each day if required until the 7th day when the formal Notice to Breach Remedy can be issued.

Our Agency is proud of our consistently low rent arrears figures.  Our daily audit of rent arrears, combined with our quick action and the education we provide our tenants at the commencement of their tenancy, enables us to continue to produce rent arrears figures well below the industry norm.

Less rent arrears means more money in our Landlord’s pockets!

Market Knowledge

First National Real Estate Yamba will provide you with a Comparative Rental Analysis with a range of rental value of your property at no cost or obligation to you.

When assessing the rental value of a Property, we take into account factors that assist in leasing your Property promptly. This includes comparison of similar properties, current vacancies and market trends. Obtaining a realistic rental value ensures that your Property is let as quickly as possible for a better financial return on your investment.

Upon your request First National Real Estate Yamba can provide free market appraisals on your own home or investment property.

Knowledge & Advice

First National Yamba team members are accredited to REI and Department of Fair Trading standards.  Through continued professional development, our team stay up to date and maintain the highest level of industry skills and knowledge.

Property legislation is under constant review and we ensure that we keep updated with any changes that may affect you and your rental property.  At First National Real Estate Yamba we are fully conversant with such legislation are able to advise you on any changes affecting property issues within the rental market.

In those occasional disputes with tenants we act as mediator between you and the Tenant.

If the dispute continues, we can apply for and attend a NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) on your behalf. The Tribunal is an independent third party to hear the dispute and make a decision on the matter. We are well trained to handle such situations and know how best to represent you before the Tribunal.

We take the stress away from you!

How do you arrive at my property's weekly rental value?​

To achieve the maximum rental in the shortest possible time we consider demand, current availability of competing property and factors such as location and features.

What if I'd like a higher figure?

We’re happy to try for that figure as long as you’re comfortable that your vacancy may be extended as a result.

How frequently is the rental return reviewed?​

We conduct rent reviews at the beginning of each new tenancy, at routine inspections, or if market conditions shift rapidly - whichever occurs first. No changes to rent are made without consultation.

How are applications for tenancy made?

Prospective tenants are asked to complete an application form and authorise First National Yamba to check the information provided.

What checks does First National Real Estate Yamba undertake?​

First National Real Estate Yamba uses a combination of approaches to check a tenant’s leasing and payments history. These include a 100 point check, contacting previous landlords or managing agencies, confirming employment, and checking a National Tenancy Database where tenants with troubled histories are recorded.

If an application is rejected, what reason is given?

Our protocol is not to provide a reason. There is no legal obligation to do so.

Who chooses the tenant?

We’ll make a recommendation but the final choice is yours.

Is the tenant guaranteed?

Our processes assure every effort is made to screen for the best applicants and minimise risk. However, as rental payments and conduct are entirely at the discretion of individuals, we recommend landlords consider Landlord Insurance.

How will I receive payments?

Payments are made bi-monthly and monthly by electronic funds transfer directly to your nominated account/s.

What happens when a tenant stops paying rent?

When a tenant falls behind in their rental payments they are issued with a notice to vacate advising them that they are behind and requesting that they rectify the problem. If this is not done within the stipulated time period then a termination notice is issued requiring that they vacate the premises.

Will you conduct regular routine inspections?

Our professional Property Management staff will conduct a routine inspection of your property 3 times per year to ensure your property is well supervised.

How does First National's Pet Friendly Rental Search work?

If you are prepared to consider applications from tenants who have pets with good references, we’ll mark your property as ‘Pet Friendly’ in our available rental property advertising. This expands the number of potential tenants for your property. If an appropriate application is received, additional stringent conditions will be added to your lease agreement to ensure the tenant accepts additional responsibilities related to management of their pet and your property’s condition.

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