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We Put You First
9 Oct 20


The First National network’s byline catches the essence of what we deliver to the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific consumer.

We put you first is the essence of our cooperative, as each of our member’s agencies put their customers first in every decision made.  As a result, for the entire membership, we put you first is not just a byline, it is a method of operation to enable each and every agency to thrive and prosper within First National.

For the consumer, or more importantly our vendors, investors and customers, it is the beginning and end of our product delivery. We put you first clearly places each and every one of our customers at the forefront of our product offering and clearly allows them to evaluate, understand and acknowledge that THEY are the YOU in we put you first.

Each and every buying decision in any commercial transaction is based upon “what is in it for me”. When dealing with the First National agency, this point is illustrated by the emphasis of the word YOU in we put you first. It is not about us, it is not about our products and services, it is about what we can do for them. This is the philosophy that each and every member of First National can be proud to take to the market place.

The historical information is interesting – we put you first, began some 10 years ago with a series of focus groups comprising of the average consumer and their demands, requirements and expectations from a Real Estate agent, and most importantly, a Real Estate network.

During these focus groups, a young mother of 3 without the necessary sophistication of an experienced Real Estate agent or business person uttered these words “I am not looking to have a strong relationship now and forever with my real estate agent, I just want one that tells me the facts, returns my phone calls and does the job I want them to do. I just want someone that puts me first”.

The excitement by us after hearing these strong words was clearly palpable on the night as our phrase “we put you first” was born.

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