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6 Jul 18


When it comes to pricing your home sometimes the value depends on who is doing the looking!

There is the value real estate agents try to determine and hope to achieve or surpass, the market value - what is someone else willing to pay for the property.

There is the loan value of the house - what will the bank loan against the property. That is usually determined by a valuer and can differ from what a buyer might pay.

There is also an insured value - what your insurance company says it would cost to rebuild the house if it was totally destroyed.

Homeowners can be conflicted. They would like the assessed value for insurance purposes to be as low as possible, but they want the appraised and market values to be as high as possible when it comes time to sell.

But the most important value when selling your home is the ‘perceived value’! This is the value that can be created through a carefully planned and executed marketing campaign. It’s the difference between an average agent and a professional agent and it can make a huge difference in the final result you achieve. Talk to us today about how to build the ‘perceived value of your property.

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