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17 Aug 18


If you work in real estate this is a question that comes up all the time. Most people have some knowledge and some interest in how the property markets are going, but their interest usually only survives as long as they are involved in buying or selling property themselves. At other times the market doesn’t impact them on a day to day basis, until they bump into a real estate agent  . . . .then they roll it out . . .

    Hey Dave, How’s the market?

    Is it a good time to buy or a good time to sell?

The easy response is ‘It’s always a great time to buy!’ But the truthful response is “It depends!”

It depends on whether you are buying or selling, where you are doing it, and why you are doing it!

Real estate markets are fluid, they flow and move and shift all the time, influenced by supply and demand forces like any market. Whether it’s a good time for someone to buy or sell depends on their individual circumstances at the time.

The local market here has been buzzing along in recent times but we all know it will change one day, we just don’t know which day. Recently we have seen reports of markets tumbling in Sydney and Melbourne but those markets have been performing strongly for several more years than the local Yamba market.  

Right now in the Clarence Valley we still have quality buyers looking for properties, albeit a bit more warily now, and a continuing shortage of available properties to sell. This ongoing demand and shortage of supply should see the market continue to strengthen for now.  

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